Welcome to Altura Collaborative

 We created Altura Collaborative as a place that would provide members similar networking, mentorship and guidance as a typical university alumni association. Our goal is to develop important connections for members in their post-graduation world while acknowledging the unique needs that would not likely be expressed or considered in typical university alumni associations. In recognition of the unique tribe created among those with a foster care experience on college campuses, Altura is a platform to share ideas, opinions, and advice with peers while working to advance your careers.

  • Our Vision

    People with a lived experience in foster care are able to transfer their educational successes into thriving careers.



  • Our Mission

    We seek to advance a community driven network where we connect people with a lived experience in foster care to resources needed to accelerate educational and professional goals.

  • Who You Are

    You have a lived experience in foster, are a college graduate or currently enrolled in a college degree program and in search of support to expand your career horizons, access resources, and build relationships.